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Artist Bio 
Cory McKague is a artist from San Francisco Bay Area who is currently a MFA candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder.  He holds two Bachelor's degrees both in K-12 Art Education as well as Studio Art & Digital Fabrication from the University of Northern Colorado..

Cory's work centers around social engagement through technology and education. In developing the Working Artist Project.  During the 4 month residency this summer at the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, Colorado he created a interactive working exhibition that resulted in two curated exhibitions of over 100 local artists.

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Artist Statement:

Art is a tool for learning and communication.  It gives me an opportunity to learn about a community and to connect to the people around me.  I feel that all individuals are artists and because I view art as a universal creative act of problem solving. Everyone has the right and freedom of creative expression to reshape structures that impact the world around them.   My work with the Working Artist Project aimed to create a space for people to come together, form relationships, share and create.  My individual projects are interactive sculptures and murals that aim to invoke conversation.  I ask the observer to become a participant in the art process. By using objects of familiarity and nostalgia I hope to make universal connections between individuals and establish and learn more about a community through process.

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