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Cory McKague is an educator, creative technologist, artist, which all attributes to being a game designer in an expansive sense. Cory researches emerging creative technologies to build bridges, connect communities, develop more immersive and inclusive spaces through avenues of teaching, technology, research and social practice. Cory’s creative practice thrives in the public sphere through teaching and social engagement, and is currently working on a public arts project with Boulder County in Colorado by developing an interactive mixed reality app as a part of Colorado’s Proclaiming Black History Project. 


Cory McKague is a newly appointed Assistant Professor in Game Design + Interactive media at the University of Montana. Cory has degrees in education, social practice and creative technologies. Cory currently teaches courses in areas of game design and development, immersive media and interactive technologies in order to expand expectations, break barriers, and promote engagement, research and experimentation.


Cory is a parent of two small children, a backpacker, rock climber, overall nature enthusiast and humanitarian.

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