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The Sky is Falling

6"x 3"x 4" PLA Bronze Cast. GPS Based Augmented Reality

The sky is falling was inspired by the classic tale of chicken little.  I created an augmented reality application that was correlated with the GPS coordinates of the bronze statue, that would drop a sea of bombs on the observer through the camera of their smart phone.  I started this piece while our president was bombing Syria.  I chose to replicate the "fat man" bomb, because I wanted to reference the second devastating bomb that was dropped on Japan as a resemblance to the destructive power of war.

Technology has brought us a long way from the bronze age.  Twitter has become a universal tool for political communication. The most powerful man in our country uses twitter as one of his key platform to communicate with his people.  In a lot of ways, this technology and these companies have brought us closer together and at the same time divided us.

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