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Color Me Red & Color Me Blue

2 - 4ft x 4ft - Interactive Diptych - Wood.Marker.Pencil

Color Me Red and Color Me Blue was an interactive diptych installed during my residency with the Working Artist at the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont.  The pieces started out as just black line work and I attached a container of red pencils on one piece and blue on the other.  During the 2 month exhibition I invited visitors to become participants and color in these four foot coloring book pages.  


I use art as a form of communication.  These panels became communal discussion boards where people came together to collaborate and share their ideas.  Even though I invoked a limitation of binary choice, people evidently cross contaminated, mixing the red with the blue side.  I feel this illustrates this limitless potential  people can find in limiting situations and then we do not fit under a system of imposed binary choice. 

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